2018 Artists / Photographers

Carey Chen
Painter, Muralist, Fisherman
Carey, drawn to the ocean since childhood in Jamaica, continues to fish and dive in Florida. His love of the sea shines through in his dramatic paintings. Carey’s works have graced the covers and pages of numerous tournament programs and fishing magazines. His wall-sized murals are on display in many of the world’s fishing destinations, including St. Thomas, Venezuela and Miami. When he’s not in his studio or at sea, Carey spends time preaching conservation or raising money for various charities including The Miami Project to cure Paralysis, The Boys and Girls Club, YMCA, Make a Wish, Cystic Fibrosis, Miami Children Hospital and more.


Pascal Lecocq
Painter of Blue, Surrealist
Pascal has been exhibiting his work across US and Europe for the last thirty years, and his paintings can be found in galleries and private collections around the world. He has become famous for his images of divers in surreal situations enveloped in remarkable blue vistas. Pascal's characters evolve in their natural but surrealistic environment in which the spectators dive-- be it a diver "bullfighting" a great white shark, a group of divers playing leapfrog, or even ballroom dancing. The work of Pascal reflects his humor, poetry, dreams and imagination. Pascal is a graduate of the University in Paris with a doctorate in Art. His work is extremely personal and his matter is smooth, bright and delicate.

Michelle Brener
Illustrator, Designer, Photographer
Michelle Brener is an illustrator, designer, photographer and founder of Ciaboga. Ocean life has inspired her work - always giving her illustrations a fantastical twist. Brener graduated from the University of Miami with a Bachelor of Arts in Creative Advertising & Design. Michelle’s work has been showcased in The Lowe Museum of Art & South Miami Art Walk. John Frieda, Miami City Ballet, Mercedes-Benz Corporate Run, Given London & Airbnb are few of the companies she has had the pleasure to design for. She currently works as a Freelance Illustrator & Designer in Downtown Miami, FL.


Manny Puig
Sculptor, Metal Artist
Manny Puig is a well known outdoorsman, entertainer, and hunting guide, but has been gaining increasing fame for his distinctive artwork. He is inspired by the wildlife that he works with and has a photographic memory for the detail in each of his subjects. He is known for his high-end, very realistic bronze sculptures of fish, sharks, and alligators. He also hand carves primitive weapons and shark tooth necklaces out of stainless steel -- each one individually designed, crafted, and signed, using specialized tools.

Steve Ozment
Local Artist, Painter, Diver
Steve is a local artist who was born in Boston, Massachusetts, and moved to Florida at one year old. He attended Ft. Lauderdale High School and Broward Community College. He specialized in marine art, both fish and reef scenes, and he works with acrylic, oil, and pencil. He exhibits regularly at the Sailfish Marina outdoor show and has designed the artwork for many fishing tournaments. He enjoys fishing, diving, photography, cycling, and painting.


Alessandra Hally
Underwater Photographer
Born and raised in the Florida Keys, Alessandra has always been drawn to the ocean. Growing up surrounded by water the ocean soon became her play ground. At the age of thirteen she began exploring underwater photography and never looked back. Showing others the beauty of the underwater world through photography and being able to spread ocean awareness has always been her main goal. Alessandra is currently attending Florida International University and is studying Art, she hopes to continue her love for photography and see where it takes her.

Craig Lavin
Inlay Artist, Marine Biologist
Craig began creating marine life inlays in 1999. With a background in marine biology, living reef husbandry, sea turtle ecology, and scuba, he is a self trained artist beginning his career in inlay after prior time spent as an aquarist for a local science museum, and as a high school marine biology teacher. Drawing on his passion for marine life as well as the inlay art form in general, he has become one of the foremost inlay artists working, having produced museum quality collectible pieces for CF Martin guitars, Kamaka Ukulele, numerous hand build luthiers, as well as high end international private collectors, Vantage Automotive (Rolls Royce custom shop), rock stars, and other respected luthiers and guitar companies/collectors from all over the world.


Scott Joffe
Nature Photographer
Scott’s camera is focused on capturing what is beautiful and unique in nature — dramatic landscapes, shimmering waters, unsuspecting wildlife, the vibrance of sunrise and sunset. Growing up on Sanibel Island, he developed a lasting passion for the ocean, fishing, and shell collecting. Scott also has a successful career as a software engineer and combines his analytical mind with his love for nature, in search of that perfect shot. His work has been featured in an article published in Practical Photography Magazine. He has been asked to display at various exhibitions, has won numerous photo contests, and plans to take his passion to the next level.

Chris Gillette
UW Photographer, TV GatorBoy
Chris Gillette Chris has had a passion for animals, especially toothy ones, since a young age. Aside from being a devoted photographer, Chris’s passion has also fueled a career as an entertainer, television personality, and a researcher with a degree in Environmental Studies from FIU. His work has taken him to the jungles of the Peruvian Amazon, the Costa Rican rainforests, the Banco Chinchorro atoll in Mexico, and across the United States. Chris's unique skills allow him to bring the camera lens close to oceanic pelagics, swamp creatures, and more. His photos have been featured in numerous magazines, books, and art displays.


Susan Gillingham
Marine Artist, Oil Painter
Sue is a professional artist specializing in oil paintings of the sea. She studied at Parsons School of Design and the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale. Traveling and exploring Florida and the Caribbean while creating exotic destination brochures have won her a number of ADDY awards and transformed her painting style into a unique blend of realism and abstraction with a Pacific style and Caribbean flair. Sue exhibits at various shows and has won numerous awards. You can see her paintings at Art on a Whim Fine Art Gallery in Islamorada Florida.