2016 Speakers / Authors / Workshop Leaders

Umberto Pellizari
World Class Freediver, Author, Instructor
Umberto Pelizzari is an Italian freediver, widely considered among the best of all times. He's the only one to have established world records in all freediving disciplines that existed at that time -- Constant Weight, Variable Weight, and No Limits. He became famous for his rivalry with another top freediver, Pipin Ferreras, originally a close training friend. In No-Limits, Pelizzari and Ferreras pushed each other deeper and deeper and became the focus of the 2001 IMAX production Ocean Men. During his career, he achieved depths of 262' in Constant Weight, 429' in Variable, and 492' in No Limits. He helped form AIDA and has been World Champion with the Italian national team twice. He's also done work teaching, has worked on television shows, created Apnea Academy, and co-authored the widely used Manual of Freediving.


Joseba Kerejeta
Spearfishing World Champion, World Traveler
Joseba was the World Champion Spearfisherman from 2008-2010 after winning Worlds in Isla Margarita, Venezuela.  He also held the Championship title for Spain in 2006 and nine championship titles from 1996 to 2010.  Joseba was born and raised in Spain where he began diving and enjoying what today is his greatest passions -- the sea and spearfishing.  Joseba is also a world traveler, making his first big trip to America as crew on a sailboat.  He has since toured the five continents, integrating into the communities and spearfishing with the locals.  All these trips have given him vast knowledge of the oceans, marine life, and spearfishing techniques, making him not only a World Champ, but a true man of the sea.

Stan Waterman
Award Winning Cinematographer/Producer
Stan is a five-time Emmy-winning cinematographer. He learned scuba early-on, operated a dive charter in the Bahamas, and filmed a year-long trip with his family in Tahiti as shown on TV by Nat Geo. He was the producer of Blue Water, White Deathand many award-winning documentaries. He is the author of Sea Salt and currently leads charters and lectures around the world.


Chris Gillette
Underwater Photographer, TV GatorBoy
Chris Gillette Chris has had a passion for animals, especially toothy ones, since a young age. Aside from being a devoted photographer, Chris’s passion has also fueled a career as an entertainer, television personality, and a researcher with a degree in Environmental Studies from FIU. His work has taken him to the jungles of the Peruvian Amazon, the Costa Rican rainforests, the Banco Chinchorro atoll in Mexico, and across the United States. Chris's unique skills allow him to bring the camera lens close to oceanic pelagics, swamp creatures, and more. His photos have been featured in numerous magazines, books, and art displays.

Brian Galton
SUP Instructor, Rentals & Tours
Brian established Sunrise Paddleboards which offers SUP rentals and tours. He created the famous "Venice of America" lesson and tour as seen on reality TV which was selected "Best In Town" in 2011.  Today, specialty paddles include Island City ECO Paddle and Lesson, Full Moon Paddles, Snorkel and Paddle the Reef, Trashy Tuesdays (Clean River Project), Wine Downs, Manatee Tours, and more.  His team can also teach paddleboard yoga, fitness, and racing. Brian will be conducting a "Beginner Lesson/Q&A session" at the pool during the Expo.


Manny Puig
Shark Wrangler, Swamp Explorer, Adventurer
Manny continues to educate and entertain audiences. His approach is primitive - no cages, tanks, or armor protecting him from encounters with some of the most feared predators in the world. Manny interacts with sharks, faces down black bears, and dives in the swamp with the American alligator.

United States Coast Guard
USCG Pilots, Rescue Swimmers
These Pilots and Rescue Swimmers are the elite of United States Coast Guard and called upon to respond in the most extreme rescue situations. High seas, medevacs, downed aviators, sinking vessels, and even hurricanes are just a few of the deadly scenarios that these Coast Guard Pilots and Rescue Swimmers are trained to handle. Their seminar includes tips on how to stay safe at sea, how to handle emergency situations, what to expect should a rescue at sea become necessary, and more. This seminar is not only interesting, it could literally save your life!


Dr. Daryl Wong
Expert Spearo, Expert Speargun Builder
Dr. Daryl Wong is a dentist from Hawaii and is one of the premier builders of custom-made spearguns used around the world. He is also an accomplished spearo and world record holder, constantly experimenting with different designs and techniques. He enjoys reef and bluewater hunting and loves traveling to meet new friends or hosting them in his own back yard. He is known for his generosity, often sponsoring women and juniors, and for his kind spirit of aloha.

Kirk Krack & Mandy-Rae
Expert Freediver, Instructor, Coach
Krack is a world-renowned coach, mentor, and teacher of freediving Mandy-Rae Cruickshank, also an instructor, is a highlytrained athlete, achieving many world records. TheirPerformance Freediving classes have helped many divers explore their potential and reach their limits in a safe and controlled environment.


Sheri Daye
Event Host, Spearfishing World Record Holder
Sheri is a Freedive Spearfishing National Champ, multiple IUSA world record holder, and was the host of TV show "Speargun Hunter" on Outdoor Channel for six years. She started this event as a fundraiser for the developmentally disabled 10 years ago and still contributes a portion of the proceeds to charity. She wishes to thank all the speakers, exhibitors, and volunteers that have turned it into what it is today -- a fun get together where we can all share, honor, respect, and celebrate the ocean world.

John Conley
Lobster Hunting Expert
Hunting lobster up and down the east coast of Florida for the past 20+ years, Johnoly can find bugs! He is a recognized expert and will share "Reading the Reef" -- how fish can lead you to bugs, when to abandon a nice ledge and move to ugly bottom, using the right tools for different conditions, and ways to get bugs to come to you instead of you going after them. You'll learn how weather plus landside factors both come together to move bug populations around and what to look for before even getting on the boat.


Robert Croft
Navy Diver, Father of Freediving
Researcher, Navy Instructor, and in 1967 the first person to freedive beyond 200 feet (the first and only American to break world records in the early days of the sport). Bob was a submariner in the US Navy and worked in submarine bailout training. He pioneered the technique "packing" now used by modern freedivers. The first record on blood shifting in humans was discovered while studying Bob during his dives. He continued to serve as a Navy diver for many more years and is now an ambassador for the sport.

Ted Harty
Freediving Instructor, Safety Advocate
Ted started freediving professionally in 2009 when he became an instructor for Performance Freediving International (PFI). In 2010 he founded Immersion Freediving where he teaches PFI classes year round in Fort Lauderdale. Ted has won multiple freediving competitions, is a US Freediving national record holder, was selected to be the captain of the 2012 USA Freediving team, and his deepest freedive is 279 ft. Ted is a PFI Instructor Trainer as well as an Advanced Freediving instructor.


Jim Mathie
Lobsterman, Author
Jim, also known as "Chiefy", is a retired Division Chief with Deerfield Beach Fire Rescue. He is an avid diver and underwater hunter for more than 30 years. He authored Catching the Bug, The Comprehensive Guide to Catching the Florida Spiny Lobster and more recently Catching the Spear-it! The ABC’s of Spearfishing. Chiefy has been written about in the Sun-Sentinel newspaper and featuredon the Paul and Young Ron Morning Radio Show. He will be sharing how to Find, Catch and Eat Florida lobster.